Buen Provecho (Digestive)


100% organic, from sustainable growth
27 g loose leaf tea

This blend was created with only one idea in mind: Turning your body into a lush garden. From the first sip, these flowers will overwhelm your body with lightness and digestive well-being. It reduces colon inflammation, eases bile production and eliminates toxins from the digestive tract.


Mexican Giant Hyssop 55% (Agastache mexicana), Lemon Vervain 30% (Aloysia triphylla), Sweet Scented Marigold 20% (Tagetes lucida), Chamomile 12% (Matricaria chamomilla), and Mexican Wormwood 3% (Artemisia mexicana).

Best time to drink

Ideally after a meal, especially to soothe a heavy stomach, improve slow digestion, and relieve from tiredness. It can also be drunk regardless of the time; it’s a good habit for protecting or rehabilitating the digestive tract.

Method of preparation


  1. Heat 500 ml of water at 90 °C.
  2. Add two spoonfuls (2 g) of loose leaf tea.
  3. Seep 5 -7 minutes.

What does it taste like?

This blend contains our very best FLOR DE LA PAZ flowers: Our signature Chamomile, Mexican Giant Hyssop, and Lemon Vervain. All these are cultivated under a process that boosts their natural virtues so they’re able to naturally concentrate their essential oils and combine an herbal twist with citrus notes.

Enjoy it even more

Whether it’s hot or cold, add a spoonful of organic honey to your tea for an even sweeter experience.
Enjoy its intense flavors experimenting with different concentrations!

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Points of sale

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Others restaurants: Eno, Café O, Pujol, Sud 777, Jacinta, Mayahuel, Eloise, Club de Industriales, Club de Golf Santa Fe, Club de Golf Bosques.